Stump Grinding

If you have tree stumps on your property, either from recent tree work or older stumps, J&J Brothers provides professional tree stump removal services.

Tree stumps can cause a number of problems on your property:

  • Stumps are obstacles that make mowing and other lawn maintenance more difficult
  • Unsightly, rotting stumps can mar the appearance of your lawn
  • Stumps and the roots that extend from them can be a dangerous tripping hazard 
  • Stumps can become homes for ants, termites, and other wood-boring insects
  • Stumps can grow several types of fungus, some of which can be dangerous for humans and pets

Our stump removal service can help beautify your property, prepare the area for a new lawn install or garden bed, and remove the danger of insect infestation.

J&J’s simple stump removal process grinds your tree stump below grade using our Stump Grinder, which is the most elite machine in its class. It is driven by a wireless remote controller on low impact rubber tracks to distribute the weight of the machine, which protects your lawn or turf from damage.

Once the stump grinding is complete, you'll have a flat area filled with dirt and wood chips that is ready to be prepared for seeding.

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